about us

Force Recon is a Canadian MILSIM Airsoft team that plays in games across Ontario and in the USA. We have instructors who are active and ex military who teach us squad tactics, field movement etc and work as a team, not individuals. We train hard and play hard but most of all we have fun doing it. We are not only a team, but we are all friends outside of the sport.


While you wear the Force Recon patch or not you will be professional, mature and honest. Call your hits, and if in doubt call it anyway. You will be respectful of the command structure, other team mates, opponents and game control. This applies regardless of whether you are on the field or not. How you act when you are a member of this team is how others will see us. As a team, game hosts and individuals we have a reputation to uphold within the community.


Force Recon's success comes from the commitment from its members. We rely on each other as friends, as team mates to have each others backs when needed. By being a member of Force Recon we have expectations from each individual. We understand that real life gets in the way and can affect when you get to play soldier. Attendance is tracked year to year for training and games. We play as a team. If you cannot participate with us you can find a team that can support your attendance.


Members of Force Recon conduct themselves as mature, rational adults. Each member strives to build on the team's strengths, recognizes and improves upon any weakness. This means that we are are ready and willing to accept helpful constructive criticism and to avoid undue drama or crying. A big part of maturity in this web enabled world is to avoid wading into shit-storms and pissing matches in discussion forums and such. We maintain a private members only forum for venting and ranting but publicly we will always be mature, gracious and magnanimous.


A level of physical fitness is required. Many of our events are 18-30+ hours non-stop. It is expected that you try and last through the entire event with only the minimum planned rest periods. We understand that there are things to take into consideration like the elements, fitness level, injuries, etc. We ask that you do everything that you can to train and test yourself both physically and mentally to prepare as the rest of the team is counting on you. We expect you to do your best and improve on it each time. Contrary to some beliefs, will and will alone is not enough to push you through a game.


Force Recon consists of people from all walks of life. We are a very diverse team with a varying ages and backgrounds. Military, both current and retired. EMS, construction, and IT to name a few. Each person on the team brings something unique to the rest of us. We are not only an airsoft team, but friends outside of the sport and get together on a regular basis. Through the team we have developed a Brotherhood. A group of really good friends that have your back no matter what the circumstances.

As a team, we focus on the Milsim aspect of Airsoft that we have all come to love. We attend normally 18+ hour events and are not much for skirmishing. We work as a team, not as individuals. If you see one of us you can guarantee there are more nearby. There is strength in numbers and that is how we play. We have a chain of command and it is expected to be obeyed. Those who have concerns with following a chain of command or are looking for a more free form style of play should probably look elsewhere.

Everyone's opinion is valuable on and off the field. Everyone's opinion is heard at team meetings and in our after action debriefings. If you are looking for a team with structure and determination you have come to the right place.

Our Projects

Force Recon is a Canadian MILSIM Airsoft team that plays at games across Ontario and in the USA. We have instructors who are active and ex military where we learn squad tactics, field movement etc and apply this to achieve objectives. Members of the team range from Kingston to the Greater Toronto Area. We travel a lot. Most games are around the Toronto area and Ottawa. Everyone car pools etc. Contrary to some belief just because half of the team comes from the Kingston area, there really isn't any gaming etc in the area. Don't let it deter you from applying. We have our own team field where we do all of our training that is located about 40min north of Kingston.